Friday, September 16, 2011

I love you mokk. :D

This will show you how incredibly, stupidly obsessed i am with you! So what? I love you and i proud of it! :) here it goes, i love the way you stare, even after all this time, it still gives me butterflies, i love the way you wink at me whenever i catch you staring at me, i love your eyes, they're the most beautiful ones i have ever seen, i love the way you call me "PENDEK" before, i love the way you sound on the phone, i love the way you don't think it is weird how obsessed i am about you, i love the way you joined me in your future plans once, :p i love the way every love song reminds me of you, i love the way you linger your fingers through my hair, i love the way i have created a petname, for you, "GEMOK", i love the fact that you were the only thing i needed to be happy again, i love the way you talk, especially when your saying things that i need to learn, i know it unusual, but i like it, i love the way you laugh, it's a music to my ears, i love the way you are so random, i love the way you ask me random question just for me to think and realize something, i love the way we walk together and you hold my hand or sometimes you put your arms on my shoulder, just to show you're always there, i love the way you hold my hand it perfectly fits yours, it likes it belongs there, i love how you are in my every thought, i love how i can imagine my whole life with you, i love our first kissed, :p i love that our relationship intrigues affects other people so much that they formspring me about it, i love how ask for a kiss, :p i love that you have the power to make me laugh even when i'm crying, i love that you are simple, i love that i can be myself around you, i love how you comfort me when no one else could, i love how i could make you laugh too, i love how you change me, i love how much you make me laugh, i love how your voice is the only thing i want to hear when i'm crying, i love when you tease me, (i can't get mad at you), i love every second every minute and every hour we spent together, see? I am so stupidly in love with you Zack Zuandy! :)) anyways, thanks for everything, i'm just here, always! :D i love you Red Taylor. <3

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