Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Red Taylor, if i say i love you, can i keep you forever? Will i wait a lonely life time? If you want me to, i will, sometimes i miss you so much, i just want to rip you out of my dream and hug you, i may not get to talk to you as often as i like, i may not get to hold you all through the night, but deep in my heart, i truly know, you're the one that i love! i give all my heart to you, i love you and you are the one i will love always baby, i love you not for the person you are, but for the person i became when i fell in love with you Red, it take three seconds to say "i love you" three hours to explain it and a lifetime to prove it, sorry i'm not perfect, but i will love you until the end of time, i wish you love me like i love you, can you see? i love you, baby i just want you to stay by my side, Red, a simple i love you means more than everything, when i look at you and think, wow, i love you, but we're just friends, or maybe when you look at her, it hurts so much, when i'm in love with you, and you in love with her, i love everything about you, and you love everything about her, i wasted all my 11:11 wishes on you, i'll kept it in far so long, no one knows how confused i am, did i tell you how much i love you? or did i kept in as usual? or it's complicated is my answer when someone asks me what's wrong, when i look at them together, my eyes fill up with tears, because i love you, i love you so much and sometimes i just wish you, my mom asked me if i miss you, i didn't answer, i just closed my eyes and walked away, then i wishpered, "so much", i wish you would love me, i always smile when i see your screen name come up, but you ignore me, it's okay baby, i understand, :) i love you Red Taylor.

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